Playful Cat Who Broke Into Stranger’s Home Finds Home of Her Own During Adoption Event

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The only thing more unusual than her name may be how Sharon’s Karen came to the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County.


Back in May, Animal Control received a call regarding a feral cat. The caller explained that this cat had made itself at home by coming in through the caller’s dog door, and was now making itself a nuisance to her dogs.

With some commotion, the woman eventually caught the cat in a laundry basket, and Animal Control came to pick it up. What they found was a skinny, stinky, very unhappy kitty. It was clear that this cat hadn’t been able to fend for itself, and it was surmised that she wasn’t feral, but instead had likely been dropped off by her previous owner.

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After the cat was cleaned and fed, the staff discussed possible names. Someone suggested “Karen,” but it was dismissed. Next, “Sharon” was pitched. This was also shot down. Then, “Sharon’s Karen” was proposed as a play on the phrase “sharing is caring.” After all, the cat had seemed pretty interested in getting in on the same comforts the woman’s dogs had been enjoying. The name stuck.

From that point on, Sharon’s Karen’s health and overall nature improved significantly; her fur became soft and silky, and she showed her adoration for toys by chasing after lattice balls and catching the tufts of feathers tied to the end of string.


Sharon’s Karen received love and enrichment from our staff each of the 107 days she spent in our care. Then came the happy ending: Sharon’s Karen was adopted during the “Clear the Shelters” event by a family who sought her out specifically after hearing the story of how she came to us. They loved how chatty and friendly she was around them, and took her home the same day they met!

We’re so happy for Sharon’s Karen, and wish her all the best with her new family.

Story submitted by Allison Atadan.

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