Cat Reunites With Blind Dog After A Month Apart

Cats and dogs are stereotypically arch-nemesis. Dogs are known to chase cats around, and cats are known to torment dogs in their own ways, like the sneaky feline who took over the dog’s bed.

However, if you’ve ever owned a dog and cat together, you may know that they’re not always enemies. In fact, they can sometimes be BFFs!

Take Coco and Jasper, for example.

Photo: Pexels/Flora Westbrook

Jasper is a sweet cat who lives with a kind lady, and Coco is a blind dog who lives with the lady’s daughter. They don’t share a house, but they get to see each other nearly every day.

They’re such good friends that Jasper will even follow Coco around, and sometimes he helps guide the blind pup in the right direction!

Photo: YouTube/-Tom&jerry kids

According to Rumble, Jasper’s mom had to temporarily relocate a few hours away for work. It would only be for around a month, so she took Coco with her since the dog needs special care.

Jasper ended up staying home with the daughter, but every day he would sit by the back door and wait for Coco to walk in. Weeks passed, but finally, the moment happened and their reunion was too sweet!

Photo: YouTube/-Tom&jerry kids

It’s clear from the video below that the two truly love each other and they were so thrilled to be reunited.

Watch their reunion video below:

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