There’s More To These 10 Common Cat Behaviors Than You May Know!

5. All Balled Up

Some cats will sprawl out when they sleep, but most will curl up into a tight ball. It’s a natural way for mammals to keep warm and safe while they rest.

“They either push into small spaces to have some security with solid walls around part of their body so they can’t be snuck up on, or they roll into a tight ball,” Dr. Kat Miller, Ph.D., director of anti-cruelty and behavior research at the ASPCA and a certified applied animal behaviorist, told PetMD. “It’s also similar to the way a bird tucks its wings in or tucks one foot up into his feathers. It’s an easy way to retain heat.”


4. Bare Belly

When a cat exposes its midline to you, it’s telling you that it feels comfortable with you in the room. You may reach out for a belly rub, and while many cats will even let you follow through, you’ll know the second a cat isn’t interested in such advances.

Apart from a sense of satisfaction, or perky playfulness, a cat may bare its belly when expressing trust, or even when attempting to defend itself from taller animals. In an unspayed female cat, an exposed belly may mean that she has mating on her mind.


3. Keyboard Cat

Cats are notorious for interrupting work spaces. There are likely few computer-owning cat owners who haven’t found their feline traipsing over their keyboard at least once. Why do they do this? Simple. Cats crave warmth, and a plugged-in computer, especially one running several Animal Rescue Site tabs in a browser, is nothing more than a glorified heating pad to a cat.

Purr-haps it’s simply for attention, or maybe it’s so they can maintain their higher internal temperatures. Or maybe you’ve just browsed enough today.

According to Dr. Miller, “it’s hard to ignore a cat when she’s sitting on the keyboard, and she’ll quickly learn that by sitting there, Mom is more likely to give her attention.”


2. Midnight Crazies

Late at night, when you’d rather be fast asleep, your cat may have wilder plans in mind, like running around or pouncing wildly. The “midnight crazies,” as some call it, perfectly describes this spike in cat activity during nocturnal hours.

It may be an instinctual behavior, exciting a feline with the thrill of the hunt when nocturnal prey can be found outdoors. It may also be a sign that your furry friend doesn’t get enough play during the day.

“Cats in the wild are active at times when rodents come out, typically after dark,” Sandy Myers, an animal behavior consultant with Narnia Pet Behavior Clinic in Naperville, Illinois, told Pet Place. “A cat naturally wants to spend her evenings hunting and playing predator games, even if she is a well-fed house pet.”

While midnight crazy cats typically find ways to entertain themselves, the incessant racket they stir up isn’t always as entertaining to humans. Spend a little more time with your pet, introduce some new toys, or play some calm music, and you may find your nights getting a little quieter.


1. Tub Time

Cats could probably care less about plumbing, but few have met a sink or tub that wasn’t worth inspecting a little closer. Leave a trickle on, and they’ll jump right in to drink. Shut it of and they’ll jump in anyway. There are several theories as to why felines enjoy these bathroom fixtures so much, but it’s possible we will never know the truth.

Tubs are great hiding places and may have the same allure as a cardboard box to a cat. The damp environment may be preferable to other parts of the house. The bathroom fascination could also stem from a cat’s innate curiosity of running water.


What strange behaviors does your cat have? Let us know if they didn’t make the list! In the meantime, click next below to read about a cat with a very important job — keeping his fellow shelter animals calm while they go through trying surgical procedures.

Matthew Russell is a West Michigan native and with a background in journalism, data analysis, cartography and design thinking. He likes to learn new things and solve old problems whenever possible, and enjoys bicycling, going to the dog park, spending time with his daughter, and coffee.