Hilariously Calm Cat Allows Owner to Use Him to Demonstrate How to Bathe a Baby

A short video of a man pretending to bathe a cat has the internet swooning for a very interesting reason.

Vinh Quang Phạm, from Vietnam, originally filmed the video in order to show his son how to bathe his newborn baby when he or she arrived. He used his cat as a prop, demonstrating how to hold its head and gently splash water on it.

Screenshot: Facebook/Senolav Ariel

He explained to his son how to wash the baby’s head without getting water in its ears and how to wrap it in a towel in his lap to keep it from getting cold, all the while demonstrating on the cat.

The cat remained completely calm and relaxed the entire time, even appearing to dose off a time or two during its bath. Of course, no actual water was used, which we attribute to part of the cat’s calm demeanor. However, the cat still allowed itself to be tipped over on its back and placed in a bowl. It completely trusted its owner the entire time and never squirmed or meowed.

Screenshot: Facebook/Senolav Ariel

Vinh Quang Phạm’s son posted the video to Facebook and TikTok, where it took off. People are in awe of the cat’s show of total trust in its owner and willingness to be used as a training tool.

“That cat is so calm the whole time, like, 10/10 trust this hooman and I love it,” writes Reddit user MyCatMooch.

Screenshot: Facebook/Senolav Ariel

“I’ve taught a lot of parents how to bathe their baby,” adds Reddit user tmccrn, “but this is next level.”

Reddit user GeekBoyWonder chimes in, “I don’t know if I want to be his cat or his son more. This guy seems wonderful.”

Screenshot: Facebook/Senolav Ariel

And Reddit user Isitgum says what most of us are actually thinking: “If I tried that with my cat, I would no longer have arms.”

One thing is for sure. This is one of the most adorable things we’ve ever seen.

Screenshot: Facebook/Senolav Ariel

Check out the full video below. You won’t regret staying to watch this kitty’s sublime acting skills!

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