Pregnant Woman Gives Birth At The Same Time As Her Foster Cat

Animal lover and micro-influencer Lauren Maners recently became a new mom, and she went through it alongside her foster cat, Dove!

According to The Dodo, Lauren and her husband, Kainan Maners, used to be involved at their local animal shelter and fostered a lot but decided to take a break for a while because of the baby.

However, shortly before their daughter was born, the couple found an injured cat in a parking lot, and she also happened to be very pregnant!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Despite making the decision not to foster anymore, they knew they couldn’t leave her there. So, they lured the cat to their cat with some food and managed to capture her with a coat.

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After taking the white cat, who they named Dove, to the veterinarian, they discovered that the cat and Lauren had similar due dates for their babies!

Lauren shared on Instagram, “Had an exclusive Pregnant Girls Club meeting with my newest rescue, Dove. Does anyone want to guess who’s going to pop first?”

Lauren ended up heading to the hospital in labor, and Dove was still pregnant when she left. However, when Lauren and Kainin returned home from the hospital with their new baby girl, Kylie, they were greeted by Dove’s newborn kittens!

The two had seemingly given birth at the same time.

Lauren and Kainen parented their newborn alongside Dove, who cared for her kittens until they were old enough to find forever homes.

All of Dove’s kittens went to loving homes, and Dove was adopted by a friend of Lauren’s.

You can follow Lauren on Instagram, @mama.maners.

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