Golden Retriever Becomes Best Friends With A Tiny Cat And The Two Are Inseparable

Dogs aren’t just man’s best friend. They are everybody’s best friends. There is no animal that is off-limits to dogs as they like to get friendly with whoever they meet.

One little cat ended up with the ultimate best friend after meeting a golden retriever named Samson.

The two have a wonderful bond – one that transcends species, and they met in quite an unusual way.

Photo: Instagram/calvin.andco

You see, Samson works as a medical response service dog. While he is good at his job, there is something that seems to elude him. Samson isn’t the best at making friends with other dogs. While he’s a sweet and gentle pup, he is a bit too shy around other dogs.

According to Healthy Happy News, his owner, Lea, explained that he’s not the best at relating with other dogs since he’s not sure how to be a dog himself. She said, “Even when he gets time off to play, he has a hard time understanding when he can just be a dog.”

Photo: Instagram/calvin.andco

While he couldn’t quite get the whole “being a dog” thing down, he did find that he related to cats. He made this discovery while on a family adventure.

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Lea noticed how wonderfully Samson got along with a cat – even through a glass separation. That is when they decided to get the dog a companion in the form of a feline.

Photo: Instagram/calvin.andco

The family decided to adopt a little kitten named Cleo. When they introduced Cleo to Samson, it was love at first sight. As Lea stated to the outlet, “We weren’t expecting him to get so excited that he couldn’t control himself anymore.”

Nowadays the pair are inseparable. They love to hang out together and cuddle. They even groom each other!

Photo: Instagram/calvin.andco

Besides that, Cleo and Samson are constant companions whenever their family goes on adventures together. While Samson has plenty of stamina to keep up on hikes and other walking adventures, Cleo sometimes gets a little tuckered out. That is when Lea had the brilliant idea to see if Samson could help her out.

Photo: Instagram/calvin.andco

That is how Samson came to be Cleo’s ride. The little cat goes in her own backpack whenever the family heads out on a hike – and that special backpack is always carried by Samson. He’s more than happy to carry his buddy around, and it’s this special friendship that has even helped Samson gain more confidence being around fellow dogs.

Lea added, “It was so heartwarming to see him just come out of his shell and immediately form that connection with Cleo. Anybody can be friends.”

You can follow the adorable duo on their Instagram account.

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