That Nuzzle At 0:44 Is To Die For!

The friendliness of cats is questioned quite often. They are particular about the humans they like certainly, but their contention with other animals is the stuff of legend. Cats and dogs are used as examples of the eternal power struggle between good and evil. Forget about having a bird around your cat. Or any type of rodent. Cats are hunters after all! So, with all this animosity from felines, and the mistrust from the rest of the animal kingdom, what can be done? One thing that you absolutely should NEVER do is let your cat loose around your pet bunny! They are easy targets that no cat could resist. It’s simply not safe! Or at least that we have been taught…

It turns out, cats and rabbits CAN live together in harmony! This incredible duo proves that you can’t paint every animal of a species with the same brush!

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