9-Year-Old Eats Cat Treats For 4 Days Thinking They’re Chocolate

Jess Evans thought she was treating her 9-year-old daughter Alissa to something special when she bought her a Garfield themed advent calendar.

Maybe she should have looked a little harder at the packaging.

After choking down strangely-flavored “chocolates” for four straight days, Alissa gave into her better judgement and refused to eat any more. Evans, rightfully concerned her child was passing up free treats, took a closer look at the box.

Source: YouTube/News Today
Nine-year-old Alissa Evans.

Advent Calendar for Cats,” it read. And on the list of ingredients: yogurt and catnip.

Evans was mortified.

“When I looked at the box I couldn’t believe it,” she told the Shropshire Star. “I have a degree in English literature and creative writing but still couldn’t read a calendar and it had taken me 11 days to realize.”

Source: YouTube/News Today
Jess Evans mistakenly bought her daughter a box of treats for cats.

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Ordinarily, scoring a fun gift of 24 chocolates for about $2.50 would be a parenting pro-tip. All it brought this family was an embarrassing Christmas story.

“I was in shock and felt like the worst mother ever when I realized I’d bought her a calendar for cats,” Evans posted to social media.

Source: YouTube/News Today
Alissa ate four of the treats before she decided she didn’t want any more.

“She said they tasted a bit strange, but hadn’t said they were horrible, so I just forgot about it. Alissa hadn’t been eating them for a few days and when I asked why she brought the box over to me,” Evans wrote.

“I remember thinking they did look a funny shade of green and didn’t have a chocolatey smell.
When I turned the calendar over and read that it was yoghurt and catnip flavor I couldn’t believe it – and that it had taken 11 days for us to notice.”

Source: YouTube/News Today
Evans was mortified when she realized what her daughter had eaten.

A few people online were quick to shame Evans for the mistake. Some have even accused her of fabricating the calendar confusion for the sake of publicity. Just as many found some of themselves in the harried mother’s story.

“We haven’t made any money from this story, its intention was a light hearted article to make people laugh in the lead up to Christmas, not to open myself up to abuse (but welcome to the age of the internet),” Evans explained. “The calendar does state ‘for cats on the front’ but be honest who reads a calendar that was put on the same shelf as the chocolate ones presumably by a customer, I didn’t pick it up down the cat section and think to myself ‘this will do.'”

Source: YouTube/News Today
The treats in the advent calendar were made with yogurt and cat nip.

In the future, this family may be a little wary of Garfield’s smug smile.

“I’m going to give the calendar to my friend for her cat,” Evans said.

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