Cat Adopts Baby Squirrels

According to the AP, a momma cat named Kit Kat had just finished nursing her second litter of kittens when a neighbor brought her three baby squirrels who had fallen out of a tree. She accepted the pups as her own. The squirrels, named Snap, Crackle and Pop spend their time snuggling each other to keep warm and getting batted around by their older feline siblings.

When Kit Kat takes a nap her kittens babysit their rodent siblings, jumping around and playing with them.

The cereal trio are likely eastern gray squirrels, the very same species that you likely have in your backyard and nearby parks. These creatures have four front teeth that never stop growing so they don’t wear down too much when they’re used for chewing nuts, seeds and roots. Some squirrels even eat insects and baby birds. They spend most of their time in the trees but will come down in search of food if necessary.

House cats, on the other hand, stalk and eat prey when they can. They like mice, rats and songbirds in particular. These felines have impeccable eye site and light-reflecting eyes, which help them to see their prey at night. They have excellent hearing and sharp claws. Cats communicate with each other and predators by marking their territory. You may have come home to find your beloved cat has scratched your sofa while you were out. It was marking it’s territory and sharpening it’s claws! Some people say their cats are especially chatty. Those meowing and purring noises let you know if they want to be pet more, or if they’re hungry or if they’re even bored!

Because Snap, Crackle and  Pop have been raised outside of their wild environment, they will likely end up living inside the home they are nursing at. While cats normally would hunt these rodents, this case is special. Because the kittens were raised with the baby squirrels, there is a chance that they will all grow up together and be one big happy family!

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