Horse Fell Into Ditch After He Was Spooked By A Car, Then Rescuers Blindfolded Him To Keep Him Calm

A man and his 15-year-old horse, Castigo, were walking along a road in rural Miami when a car sped by and scared Castigo. The fright caused him to stumble and fall into a nearby ditch. The ride made it off the horse okay, but Castigo was stuck and unable to get out on his own.

You could barely see Castigo’s head over the deep ditch, and he was covered by vegetation. His owner called for help, but the rescue wouldn’t be easy. Rescuers arrived at the scene and then blindfolded Castigo to help keep him calm so he wouldn’t be able to see what was going on and freak out again. They then were able to use special equipment to lift the stuck horse out of the deep ditch. Hopefully next time Castigo goes out for a walk, he’s a little more brave and not walking near any ditches! Thankfully this situation was not as bad as it could’ve been and had a happy ending!

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