Homeless Pit Bull Sat Vigil Over Dead Friend For Weeks But Then Someone Refused To Leave Her Behind

Devotion is a trait that dogs know a lot about. Your dog doesn’t waver when it comes to loving you. This dog didn’t waver when it came to loving her best friend, not even when she passed away.

A homeless Pit Bull and Poodle were living by the railroad tracks. Sadly, the Poodle passed away. Passersby noticed that the Pit Bull had been keeping vigil by her body. She didn’t want to leave her side. But with devotion like this can come deadly consequences. This Pit Bull needed a rescue… immediately!

As Hope For Paws stepped in with persistence, some cheeseburgers, and their lucky red leash, they got closer to the dog they would later name Cassandra.


It’s so hard to trust at first, the world can be a scary place. Cassandra fought hard to escape but fate had other plans. She was finally saved.

Her best friend would have wanted it that way. For Cassandra to be safe and cared for. Now she is. She’s in a loving foster home, learning how to be a real dog. She loves to play! She loves her foster siblings. All that’s missing is her forever home. I bet she finds one soon!


For more info on Cassandra and other dogs that need loving forever homes, visit Hope For Paws!

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