Puppy With Deformity Was Slated For Euthanasia, Until Someone Found Him Who Wouldn’t Give Up On Him

Casper, a white Siberian Husky puppy, came from a breeder who did not know how to care for his condition. He was born with Swimmer’s Syndrome, an “uncommon developmental deformity of newborn dogs and cats whereby the limbs are splayed laterally resulting in an inability to stand or walk.”

Because of his Swimmer’s Syndrome, the breeder was unable to sell him. He was scheduled for euthanasia, but thankfully a woman named Gina was committed to saving his life. Gina, an acuscope biotechnician, took Casper to the vet to be examined.

She was unsure if he’d even make it through the night, but she woke up to a very happy pup. He was still very active despite his condition, and was also very vocal. After seeing him move around and talk, Gina knew he was going to be okay.

Gina worked closely with him to teach him how to walk. Slowly but surely as the days went on, he got better and better at walking. By day 10, not only was he walking, he was running! And after three weeks, he was climbing stairs!

Now he is a healthy and happy pup and is no different than any other dog. Where there is love, there is always hope. Gina never lost her hope in Casper, and in the end, she was right! Watch Casper’s journey in the video below:

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