Fretting Over Her Missing Babies, This Mama Pig Was In For A Sow-prise

As a parent, I cannot even imagine being separated from my children… AND my fur-children. Family is truly everything!

For this sow, she had to learn the hard way what it was like to go through heartache. Abandoned, without a safe place to call home, this mama pig was forced to give birth in a pound. Sadly, she lost four of her babies BUT three did survive in spite of the harsh conditions.

Because this all took place around Christmas time, rescuers named the sow “Carol.” Edgar’s Mission in Australia decided they would bring Carol and her piglets to their sanctuary where she and her babies could remain safe and sound… FOREVER!

For transport, Carol had to be separated from her babies, for safety reasons. The trauma of losing her other piglets made her very unsettled. Rescuers couldn’t explain to her that they would all be together soon. Carol was NOT happy.

But once their new stall is ready and Carol is brought in, she sees a small crate…


My babies!!! They’re in there!!!


The family is united in their new comfy home, and their story can begin again.


In spite of the loss of her other piglets, Carol is a terrific mama and treasures her three precious babies. Life lessons like this one happen, but, like Carol, we have to look for that silver lining. Don’t forget to watch their adorable video below!



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