Herd Of Capybaras Make The Strangest Sounds While Eating A Giant Pumpkin

2020 has been a pretty rough year. But here is something that is guaranteed to lighten up your day. It’s a lighthearted video starring a bunch of capybaras as they eat a pumpkin.

Cute, right?

It’s actually quite a fascinating thing to behold.

The Nagasaki Biopark in Japan recently released the video of their capybaras as the hungry hoard destroyed a large, 110 pound pumpkin – that’s a lot of pumpkin! The giant rodents were excitable as they gathered around in order to devour the giant gourd, skin, seeds, pulp, and all.

Everything about the video is absolutely heartwarming, including the strange little sounds that they make as they eat their pumpkin. They made so many different sounds that the Biopark even included the phrase “ASMR” in the video’s title when they uploaded it to their social media.

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In Japan, the Biopark is also called “Paradise of Capybara.” These rodent residents have it fully made there. Not only do they get to enjoy noshing on giant pumpkins, but they also get watermelons as treats during the summertime.

The Biopark has 20 residents who call the park home. They also get to interact with guests, happily receiving lots of cuddles.

The capybaras also have an open-air bath that they get to enjoy. And it’s quite extravagant too as the Biopark staff will fill up the hot springs with citrus fruits so that the capybaras can pamper themselves in the aromatic waters.

Talk about getting spoiled. The bath is such a popular social event for the capybaras that it actually is an annual televised event.

If you think this video is adorable, then you’ll be happy to know it’s not the only one. The capybara group are regularly featured on the Nagasaki Biopark Instagram and YouTube, so fans can keep up to date on their day to day adventures.

Watch them in action below:

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