Couple Tearfully Reunites With Beloved Cat Who Had Been Missing For 7 Years

When Erin Nardis and her husband Adam’s cat went missing from their new Florida home seven years ago, they never thought they’d ever see her again, much less this many years later.

The couple had just moved into a new house, so their cat, named Capri, wasn’t too familiar with the area.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

When she got out, her owners searched for her day in and day out, but to no avail. As days turned into months and months turned into years, they began to lose hope that they’d ever find Capri.

It turns out that Capri had been found by another family who never realized that she was microchipped and decided to keep her.

When they sadly lost their home during Hurricane Ian, they were forced to surrender the kitty to Lee County Domestic Animal Services.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

The Nardis’ recently learned that Capri was right under their noses the entire time. The center she was surrendered to is just two minutes away from the restaurant that the couple owns.

Animal services scanned Capri for a microchip and were able to locate the Nardis’ to let them know that their missing cat had been turned in.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

The couple couldn’t believe their ears and were in total shock that their beloved kitty was located nearly a decade after she went missing from their new home.

Erin hopes their story will encourage others to microchip their pets, and if they find a lost animal, to first assume that someone is looking for them before deciding to keep them.

Hear more of this incredible story in the video below:

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