Woman Sets Up A Secret Camera Inside An Outdoor Shelter To Record Stray Cats

Maria Cassano is someone who has something in common with many of us. She loves cats and wants to do what she can to keep them healthy and safe.

That is why she has gone to extraordinary measures to make sure one stray cat that she named Mama is safe every night.

Maria lives in Long Island with her father and she first saw Mama as the cat walked through their yard. She was worried that the cat wouldn’t have enough to eat and that she couldn’t produce enough milk for her kitten.

Photo: Maria Cassano

I think that most of us realize that it isn’t always the best idea to feed stray cats. Her father was also not happy with the idea, but his daughter convinced him to do it anyway.

Shortly after the family started feeding Mama, her little kitten was adopted by a neighbor. They continued to put out meals for the feral cats in the area, but Mama was the feline that appreciated it the most.

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It wasn’t long, however, before the cold weather was setting in in Long Island and they were becoming concerned about her safety.

Photo: Maria Cassano

That is when Maria’s father decided to build a cat house. In speaking with The Dodo, Maria said that her father is handy but he doesn’t necessarily want pets in the home.

She continued: “So when his girlfriend and I started to worry about the cats surviving the cold weather, my dad ordered the elements for a heated cat house, covered it with waterproof materials, built a base for it and put it out in the backyard.”

Photo: Maria Cassano

Before long, Mama was taking care of a second kitten so a camera was installed in the home to check on the cats and make sure they were home safe and sound at night. It was a safety measure, but it wasn’t long before they realized they were accumulating a lot of adorable pictures.

Eventually, Maria captured Mama and the kitten to take them to a local shelter so they could be vaccinated and spayed. The shelter said that the cat would be okay to return to the outdoors but the kitten was too young to survive the winter. Fortunately, that little kitten didn’t mind being around humans.

Maria continued to care for the kitten and adopted him out eventually to a forever home. Mama was then alone, but it wasn’t long before some other cats in the area realized that they were missing out on a sweet deal. They started showing up to enjoy some of the things that the yard has to offer.

Photo: Maria Cassano

Mama now hangs out with Inky and Finky, two black cats. Even though they aren’t hoping to eventually bring those cats indoors, they are happy that they can provide them with a comfortable place to stay.

She said to The Dodo: “Over the years, we’ve gotten a few more houses and a ‘cat igloo,’ so all of our residents can stay warm. I jokingly refer to them as ‘Steve’s Cat Condos.’”

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