Cambodian Dog Meat Cafe Transforms Into Vegan Restaurant

Currently, we are experiencing a shift away from meat-based diets to more plant-based. People are starting to realize the health, environmental, and humane benefits that come from eating a plant-based diet. While many restaurants are starting to cater to these desires, one restaurant in Cambodia is going against the norm of offering dog meat on their menu.

Mong, the owner of the new plant-based Sabay Vegilicious used to specialize in selling dog meat, like most of the other restaurants in Cambodia. However, now they have turned into a meat-free vegan restaurant that speaks out against the dog meat trade. They call it “a sad and violent business.”


A non-profit fighting to end the dog meat trade, The Animal Hope And Wellness Foundation, backed the restaurant in its transformation. The non-profit provides vegan chef training and cooking utensils to any restaurant owner looking to go vegan.

Photos: Facebook/Sabay Vegilicious
Photos: Facebook/Sabay Vegilicious

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Mong thanked the non-profit for their help, “Thank you for giving me something to be proud of, and the chance to do right by my family. The dogs are so friendly and loyal to humans, and yet they are treated in a poor way. Here at this restaurant, though, they are welcome to join their caregivers at the table!”

Photos: Facebook/Sabay Vegilicious
Photos: Facebook/Sabay Vegilicious

Dogs are not food and meant to be loving companions. “Dog meat is very popular among Cambodians. We estimated that at least 60 percent of all Cambodians have consumed and/or consumes dog meat – and the prevalence of such practice is on the rise,” states manager of the new Sabay Vegilicious.

The new restaurant is thriving and raising awareness in the community about the cruel dog meat trade. Thank you for saving the lives of countless dogs. We hope all the other restaurants will follow in your footsteps.

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