Reddit User Sparks Debate Over Calling On A “Missing Pet” Poster In The Middle Of The Night

“If your cat was missing and you put up posters, would you be mad that someone called at 12:45 am to say they found it?”

It’s a question Reddit user u/IhavemyCat asked in the subreddit r/CatAdvice.

Photo: Flickr/Heidi De Vries License: CC BY 2.0

In the post, u/IhavemyCat explained that they noticed “missing” posters for a young cat in the neighborhood and the posters were up for several weeks.

One night, they happened to notice a cat that matched the posters’ description of the missing feline in their backyard. It was 12:45 a.m., but they immediately called the number on the poster to inform them of their missing cat’s location. After all, it’s impossible to know where the cat would be by morning.

“I wouldn’t care what time someone called as long as it reunited me with my cat. Plus it was Saturday night. So I called,” they wrote.

Photo: Pexels/Lisa Fotios

As it turns out, the woman who answered the phone actually lived right nearby and found her cat already. “More than likely, that cat that is in my back patio is her cat just roaming,” the post explained. Despite having found the cat already, the woman thanked the caller for relaying the information, and all was well.

However, not everyone agreed with the u/IhavemyCat’s decision to call the woman so late at night. The post explained, “When I relayed the story to my Dad this morning, he was P*SSED that I called that lady so late. I’m thinking pet owner here. If I waited until morning, the cat might be MIA again. Am I in the wrong here? Would you be mad if I called you at 12:45 am to tell you I found your missing cat that has been on posters for weeks? Right now I’m feeling bad.”

Within days of the posting, hundreds of people commented and said the poster was in the right for making the call.

Photo: Pexels/Salina Tran

“You could call me in the middle of me giving birth, if my kitty was missing and you found him,” one person commented. “You could call me after I had already died, and I would come back to earth if my kitty were missing,” another joked.

Where do you stand on this one? Let us know!

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