Forced to Live Outside for Years, Her Family Left Her to Die During Hurricane Harvey

As Hurricane Harvey swept through Texas, thousands of people evacuated their homes as quickly as possible. While most people took their pets with them, many were left behind.

This poor dog, named Callie, was one of the unlucky ones. She was sadly abandoned in Hurricane Harvey after she was forced to live outside her whole life.

the underdog project
the underdog project

Although being stuck out there alone in rising floodwaters was very scary, it was a blessing in disguise. She was found by just the right people with The Underdog Project who saved her by carrying her out of the water and into their boat to safety.

Callie was on top of a trailer trying to stay dry. Neighbors had seen her, but they only went back for their own dogs and left this precious dog there alone to die. Now she is finally being taken care of and is getting all of the love that she deserves.

the underdog project
the underdog project

Unfortunately, the three-year-old Border Collie was high heartworm positive from living outside, and was emaciated with missing fur. She also has very few teeth and will require extensive dental work.

She is with Rescue Dogs Rock NYC who are currently working on all of her medical needs. Once she is fully healthy, she will be available for adoption.

the underdog project
the underdog project

Despite everything she has been through, she is still such a friendly and loving dog. She is so well-behaved and is just so thankful to finally be with people who love her. Now all she needs is a forever home!

If you’re interested in adopting Callie, fill out an application at

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