She Was Trapped And All Alone But These Rescuers NEVER Gave Up On Her!

Imagine being stuck in a storm drain for over 96 hours and having no idea if you would survive… Pretty scary, huh? Well, that is exactly what happened to Cali, an orphan kitten. People heard her cries and made phone calls to law enforcement and animal control for help but no one would come. Sadly, this happens often if an animal is stuck somewhere that isn’t easy to access or there’s risk to personal injury. Still, no one wanted to give up on this kitten. What were they going to do?

What came next is nothing short of a miracle! Cali definitely had an angel watching over her that day!

Animal Trivia: Can you guess how many whiskers a cat has, on average?

Drum roll please… 24! Cats use their whiskers to help them “see” at night and guide them around tight corners and in small spaces. In fact, if a cat loses her whiskers due to injury, it can change the way she navigates her surroundings.

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