Calf Found Chained To A Wall With “Bailing Twine” Around His Neck

The cruelty of people is absolutely astonishing. There was a little calf who was taken in by the Road To Refuge Animal Sanctuary in North Haven, Connecticut after he was found abandoned in one of the worst ways possible. The little calf, who has been named JD, was found only a few days after his birth, chained to a wall with “bailing twine” around his neck.

The sweet little calf, who was named after Jack Daniels, has proven that he is “strong like whiskey” by bouncing back from his ordeal. In a Facebook post on the rescue’s page, they shared some information about JD’s rescue.

Apparently, when he was found, it was clear that he’d been taken from his mother too soon, as his bloodwork showed he didn’t have enough colostrum – something that babies only get from their mothers. But since arriving with the rescue, the little calf has been getting better and better.

However, prior to his turn for the better, JD did scare the staff by taking a turn for the worse. According to their Facebook post, a few days after he arrived, the staff found him on his side, laying down and completely unresponsive.

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He had to be put on antibiotics when the vets determined that he was beginning to experience septic shock due to a respiratory infection. The staff were concerned, but they helped the little calf pull through the entire ordeal.

The rescue wrote in an update, “He’s so young and trying desperately to build his own immune system and we have to support him every step of the way.”

One week after JD was out of the woods, he then developed bloody diarrhea which meant that he had to go back on more antibiotics as well as electrolytes. JD’s spirit never seemed to fade during his ordeal, proving that he was one tough cookie.

The rescue was happy to watch him get stronger each day, showing that he wanted to get well enough to be able to play with the other animals on the farm. And in time, he will be able to, as the organization’s founder, Megan Pereira, shared with WTNH that the little calf would become the farm’s permanent resident.

She stated, “There’s been a lot of animals that have come through our sanctuary. Unfortunately, some who have left us and some leave bigger marks than others, but he will certainly be one that’s changed my life for the better.”

JD’s care, along with that of other rescued calves, has not come at a low price. The Road To Refuge Animal Sanctuary established a GoFundMe page in hopes of being able to raise enough money to buy extra land for JD and the calves to roam. They have a $60,000 goal.

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