Baby Calf Dies After Ingesting A Birthday Balloon That Landed In Her Field

Friday, May 8 was a very sad day for a family in Beckingham. One of the baby cows at their farm died after eating a discarded birthday balloon.

It happened after Lisa, the 6-month-old calf, swallowed a ballon while out in a field near the family home near Newark. They did everything that they could to save the calf but she lost her life after struggling to survive for a week.

Sharon Lay, one of her owners spoke of the loss of their beloved calf, calling it a “needless” death. She also wanted to use this as an example for others to remind them to be cautious with their trash.

According to LincolnshireLive, someone had seen the calf wobbling in the field.

It turns out that the balloon had gotten lodged in her bowel. And because they have several stomachs, there was nothing they could do as it had gone too far.

“We found half the balloon and our hearts sank. It said ‘Happy 70th birthday’ on it, but now Lisa won’t even make it to seven months”.

“It’s horrible. If she had got an infection or became ill, you would understand. But this is so needless.”

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Lisa was carefully watched for 5 days by Sharon, Adrian, and their 13-year-old foster daughter. They hoped that she would be able to pull through and tried to make her as comfortable as possible.

The saddest part, is that her adoptive mother had been trying to lick the calf as an attempt to wake her up.

“She wouldn’t leave her side. When we were taking Lisa away her mum was running around the tractor trying to get it to stop.”

They would like to remind people that balloons and other items can be deadly if they aren’t discarded properly.

More people need to realize that when you release a balloon into the air, it can land in a nearby field and kill an innocent animal.

We should all do a better job to look after our planet.

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