From Victim To Warrior, Caitlyn Gets Her Best Day EVER!

Poor Caitlyn, a survivor of animal abuse, was all over the news because her stupid human taped her muzzle shut. Why animals should have to suffer because of humans and their horrible decisions, I have no words… and I am LIVID! Luckily, Caitlyn was rescued and will NEVER have to suffer like that again!

If anyone deserves a Best Day Ever, it’s Caitlyn. This sweet pup has endured so much yet has the most sweet, forgiving spirit. Her scars are those of a warrior! She, according to her new human, won her battle because she is here, she is happy and she will NEVER have a sad day again! She smiles because she knows that her past life is staying where it belongs: IN THE PAST!

Watch as this angel gets all the amazing things she loves and gets to forget, again and again, what it’s like to be treated poorly. Her smiles say it all! This beautiful dog will NEVER have a bad day again!

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