Breakfast In “Bed” Helps This Scared Shelter Pup Feel Safe!

Most shelter animals don’t come to be there under great circumstances. Often, they are scared, alone, and desperate to get away from all the terrifying humans. Some animals even refuse to eat or go to the bathroom in their cages out of fear and confusion. It is a fact of shelter life.

To combat this fear, shelter workers and volunteers find creative and comforting ways to acclimate the animals that end up in their care. Dr. Andy Mathis encountered Graycie at Granite Hills Animal Care in Elberton, Georgia, and decided to help her adjust by eating his breakfast with her in her cage (even using the same type of bowl to encourage her). The ritual is adorable, caring, and, as it turns out, effective! This is just one more example of the amazing work rescuers do for abandoned pets every single day.

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