Olympic Gold Medalist Caeleb Dressel Teaches His Dog To Swim

Dogs are smart. They can be trained to do almost anything, and a perfect example of this is gold medalist swimmer Caeleb Dressel, and his adorable pup, Jane.

Dressel is an excellent swimmer. However, it seems like he might have a little competition after having Jane trained to swim just like him.

In fact, there is a clip of Jane taking to the water. The playful pooch looks like a natural, just like her owner. Check it out below:

Caeleb Dressel is the American swimmer who won the gold medal on five different occasions at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It seems that he has become a swim coach of sorts by training his family dog how to swim like an Olympian.

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The family pooch is named Jane, and based on her sweet moves in the pool, she’s got the makings of a swimming champion.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In the footage, the black lab is seen standing on a diving board before she jumping off and diving into the water.

In his Instagram post caption, Dressel wrote, “Someone check the time to 25, she’s built to float not for speed.”

Photo: Instagram/caelebdressel

Jane shows off her power in the water as she cuts through the swim lane like a little torpedo. Dressel posted his video to his Instagram page and immediately, it went viral.

A lot of his followers, including other fellow Olympic athletes, were quite impressed by Jane’s swimming abilities. The video quickly gained more than half a million views, as well as hundreds of comments.


Kylie Chalmers, an Australian Olympian, joked, “So you’re not the only Dressel that would smoke me to 25.”

Another gold medal winner, Robert Finke, commented, “Start is still better than mine.”

Of course, another commentator said that we’re all thinking: “This instantly made my day better.”

What do you think of Jane’s Olympic-style swim? Let us know!

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