Watch What Happens When People Who Dislike Cats Live With One For A Week

Imagine, for a moment, if you decided to take on a challenge to live with a person you don’t like for an entire week! It would be crazy, right? Well, here is a social experiment kinda similar except people who claim to dislike cats are living with them for an entire week. What do you think will happen?

People who claim to dislike cats usually aren’t exposed to them enough or don’t really understand them. The truth is, cats are WAY different from people, dogs and other domesticated animals. Dogs in many ways, mimic our behaviors (sleep when we sleep, cuddle when we want cuddles, etc). Most cats do things on their terms. Want things when they want them. And most of all, still possess a lot of their wild behaviors, especially during playtime. Which to me, is a HUGE plus!

The best part of this video and getting to know felines is that once there is a mutual understanding between human and cat, the rest of the relationship is pretty easy to navigate. And a lot of fun!

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