If You Do This With Your Cat, You’re Totally NOT Alone!

Whether you live alone with your kitty or you’re surrounded by a large family, I can pretty much guarantee that you have entire conversations with your cat (even if there’s a good chance he’s not even listening! LOL!)


This hilarious video demonstrates how far cat lovers go when it comes to our side of the conversation and the belief in our cat’s basic understanding of our world (and language). You know you have done this! Don’t even try to hide it! And it’s okay because YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


Can you help yourself when your cat does something incredible and you just have to praise him out loud? How about after a long day and you just want to vent and your cat seems to be the only one with a compassionate ear? YUP! I get it because I too am guilty of conversing with my cat.

Watch the video below, but be prepared to laugh out loud! Which is perfect because you know you need a good chuckle right about now!

*Mild language warning in video*

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