Badly Burned Kitten Rescued Had Injuries More Sever Than Anticipated

A 4-week-old kitten was rescued from a dumpster fire in Las Vegas and rushed to The Animal Foundation for emergency vet care.

The tiny feline arrived terrified and badly burned. Her whiskers and paws were singed, and she was shaking with fear. The medical team started her on pain meds and began to treat her wounds.

“Her paws are burned, and she may need foot bandages. She is on medication to help with pain, and she’s in our incubator to warm her up,” stated the animal shelter.

They decided to name her Savannah.

Her injuries were more severe than they originally thought as the skin started to shed on her paws, face and tail.

“Burn wounds can become infected, and she’s even more susceptible because she’s so young. She’s receiving round-the-clock care and being carefully treated,” wrote the shelter.

Savannah is currently in a loving foster home where she is receiving all the necessary care. Her foster mom reports that she is devouring her wet cat food and improving every day. She’s a fighter and expected to make a full recovery.

She will remain in foster care for the next several weeks as she continues to heal and grow. Savannah enjoys spending time with her foster mom and eating. The shelter thanks everyone who has donated to her care and will continue to post updates on social media.

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The shelter is always looking for fosters and adopters. Learn more about how you can help by visiting their website.

Kitten season is here. The shelter shares what to do if you find kittens and Neonatal Kitten Care 101. The first being to not “kit-nap” them and see if they actually need help.

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