Puppy Suffered From Severe Chemical Burns, Then Found A Human Burn Victim Who Understands Him

14-year-old Chloe Levenson of San Francisco, California, was just over a year old when she was severely burned. Thankfully as she grew older, the burn became less visible.

For months, Chloe begged her mom, Toby, to adopt another dog, but she wanted to make sure it was a perfect fit.

One day, Toby received a call from the burn hospital who treated Chloe. They were looking for a home for a dog who was a burn victim. Toby knew they had finally found the dog they’d been waiting for.

The dog, named Fireman, bonded instantly with Chloe. They had both been through similar pasts, and understood each other wholeheartedly.

Fireman’s foster mom, Kristy Keusch, knew she had to find a family for him who would understand him and his needs. When she first saw him in the recovery room, he was lying on his side in pain. It looked like he had been chemically burned, but thankfully he recovered.

Now, Fireman and Chloe are living happily ever after! Watch their story in the video below:

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