Burglar Was Caught, Thanks to a Cat’s Collar with GPS Device

Crime does not pay.

Thanks to a cat’s collar which serves as a GPS device, police officers were able to catch a burglar near Toulouse.

The owners of the house were out when the burglary happened in the village of Cintegabelle, located in Haute-Garonne in southwestern France.

Photo: YouTube/Hype Tech

The burglars rummaged through a trailer that was parked outside and got away with their stolen goods in a couple of cars belonging to the cat’s owners as well.

As they returned home, the couple discovered the burglary but felt relieved that their cat was left behind. But then they also remembered that their cat’s collar GPS device was in one of their stolen cars.

Photo: YouTube/Hype Tech

They quickly reported the incident to the police and added that the burglars could be easily located through their cat’s collar, which was equipped with GPS capability.

The police immediately acted, and, in a matter of hours, they were able to locate one of the two stolen cars at a traveler’s stop in the village of Saverdun in the Ariège district. There, they were able to retrieve ninety percent of the stolen belongings, along with the cat’s collar.

Photo: YouTube/Hype Tech

During the operation, the police officers were successful in identifying and apprehending one of the burglars, who was about 30 years of age and notorious in the area.

During the court appearance, the suspect denied the crime of burglary and claimed that he only acted as a receiver. But a neighbor of the couple had seen him at the crime scene while she was walking her dog.

This story inspires pet owners to equip their animal companions with GPS devices for the safety of their pets and, possibly, themselves or their belongings.

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