A Bunny With The Munchies Is About To Make Your Whole Body Smile!

Sometimes you just need a snack and there’s no shame in that! Meet an adorable bunny who knows healthy snacking is the way to a longer life. All that crunching has me going crazy. Do you have a weak spot for bunnies like I do? Those floppy ears and wiggly nose. OMG! I just can’t get enough of this little guy!

Did you know that every spring in the U.S. thousands of bunnies are purchased for children? Unfortunately, bunnies and children don’t always mix and so many are left homeless. But you, my friend, can help! The Rabbit Sanctuary Inc. cares for bunnies that can’t find homes as well as ones rescued from labs and commercial breeders. Some of these breeders are just like puppy mills! It’s horribly sad…but lucky for them, incredible programs like The Rabbit Sanctuary Inc. exist! Learn more about it here!

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