Sick Kitten Is Brought Into Foster Care. See How Love Transformed Her Life!

Bunny, a sick kitten found all alone, was placed in foster care with a very kind family. She was suffering from a fungal infection all over her skin. She was losing clumps of fur and looked pretty funny. Many people would be pretty turned off. BUT not this family!


On intake, she also had a horrible bladder infection that made her urinate blood. But that didn’t scare off this family either. They took her in, in spite of everything. Knowing that without their help, Bunny wouldn’t make it.

Healing is successful with medicine AND love. When an animal feels safe, and nurtured, those emotions go a long way to aid in recovery. Bunny is certainly loved.


This kitten is still small, and will still have some struggles, but she is healing. With all her foster family’s love, she is coming along very well. It’s amazing to see her transformation, from day one until now. And when it is time for her to be placed with her forever family, they will miss her dearly but it will also be time to help another deserving kitten.

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