Bowtie-Wearing Bunny Travels First Class And Gets Her Own Ice Cream Sundae

Many of us dream about living a life of luxury and when we see others who may have been born with a silver spoon in their mouth, we might feel a twinge of jealousy. Let’s face it, there is a tropical beach somewhere with our name on it and we probably want nothing more than to spend our days lounging with a cocktail in our hands.

Sometimes, we hear about the beneficiaries of those who live the lifestyle of the rich and famous and many of those beneficiaries are animals. Perhaps that is why we aren’t surprised to learn about Coco, a bunny that flew from the United States to Japan in style. Coco belongs to Takako Ogawa and when she had to move back to Japan, she didn’t want to leave her beloved bunny behind. Not only did Coco fly in style, but she also enjoyed some croissants and nuts and a sip of champagne on the flight.

“I was returning to Japan, resigning from Google to start my new career,” Ogawa, co-founder, and CEO of analytics startup Panalyt Japan said, about taking Coco with her, reports Insider.”I couldn’t leave her in the States, so I took her back with me.”

It was necessary for Coco to be registered as an emotional support animal to fly in the cabin. A $100 fee was also paid.

Ogawa did not have to pay for the extra seat, she was informed by the flight attendant that it was empty. As it turns out, Coco was able to enjoy the high life and play the part, even wearing a little bow tie.

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I thought it was super nice of the flight attendants to let her use the unoccupied cubicle next to me, and for bringing her treats throughout the trip,” says Ogawa.

Ogawa prepared for the worst but Coco managed to behave herself for the entire flight. After all, she’s no stranger to flying. “She traveled from Japan to San Francisco when we moved there in 2015,” explained Ogawa. “This was her second long flight.”

Coco went viral but Ogawa wasn’t aware of it. “I didn’t know about it since I live so far away,” she told Insider, adding it’s “adorable” that it has.

Since she was able to sit next to Coco during the entire flight, it was a big relief. An older bunny of hers had to be put in the cargo area and it caused a lot of stress.

“What happens in the cargo is that there are a lot of anxious animals on the plane with her. Dogs will be barking all the time. That kind of pressure might have been bad for Coco because she is older now.”

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