Cat’s Out of the Bag and the Shelter As Bunches of Kitties Find New Homes

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Two Kittens Team Up At Shelter and Get Adopted Together

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang was found under the hood of a good Samaritan’s car at just about a month old. She was cared for by a foster parent until she was old enough to be adopted, at which time she went to an offsite adoption location with several other kittens.


Kitty Kitty Bang Bang quickly made friends with another kitten, Applesauce, and was adopted with her! Kitty Kitty Bang Bang and Applesauce now live in a home with an adult cat and children, and love every minute of it. Kitty Kitty Bang Bang has especially taken a shine to the adult cat, and snuggles up to him for her daily naps.

Story submitted by Coleen Dunlap.

Blind, Declawed Cat Loves His Way Into New Home

Sonny came into PAWS of Hertford County’s care in October 2014. He was surrendered, blind and declawed, and very uncertain of the shelter environment with all of the unfamiliar noises and smells. He quickly became a shelter favorite, receiving lots of love and attention from volunteers.


Despite being unable to see those around him, he was always good mannered and even played sometimes. Many of the other shelter cats were very uncertain of Sonny as he bumped into his surroundings, and we all really hoped for Sonny to find his forever home, but months went by without any interest. In March 2015, an application came in for Sonny.


The applicant had seen him on our website and fell in love. Upon meeting his new mom, Sonny fell into her arms for a warm embrace and even shared a peck on the cheek. The home that we had been waiting for was finally found, Sonny’s forever home.

Story submitted by PAWS of Hertford County.

Kitten Saved from the Streets Gets Spoiled in New Home

Beautiful Bonnie came to PAWS Shelter as a tiny bottle baby stray kitten found on someone’s property. Since getting adopted, however, she has become an incredibly spoiled cat! Her family bought her two cat trees, countless cat toys and treats, and made her a box house.


Bonnie uses all these things to use up her energy before calming down for snuggles at naptime and bedtime. Her family reports that she is an absolute dream, and we know Bonnie feels the same about them!

Story submitted by Coleen Dunlap.

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