This Bullmastiff Loves His Baby Brother

Is there anything sweeter in this life than the special bond between animals and babies? We think the answer is probably no, but there are still some animals that really take the cake with their extra caring and protective behavior around tiny humans. Brutus is one of those types of animals.

Brutus, a large Bullmastiff, joined the Michalek family in 2016 as a puppy, but he didn’t stay little for very long. Before the couple knew it, they had an absolutely gargantuan dog on their hands.

But while Brutus may look a little bit intimidating, he’s actually very mild-mannered and gentle. He loves running around the house, taking naps, and being wherever his humans are. He’s very close with his tight-knit family. So close, in fact, that he was the first one to know that there was about to be a fourth member of the family.

Photo: Instagram/captainbrutus

“Brutus knew I was pregnant before I did — he definitely sensed it before I knew,” said Bonnie, Brutus’s human mom. “On the nights my husband was working Brutus refused to be in his crate. Looking back, I thought he was just being a brat, but really he was trying to protect me.”

Photo: Instagram/captainbrutus

Brutus has always shown affection toward children and knows how to be gentle, and it’s clear that he was quite attached to his little brother before he was even born. All the same, however, the Michaleks were a little bit nervous about introducing the two in person.

Luckily, things went off entirely without a hitch. Brutus began sniffing the baby and giving him kisses immediately and refused to leave his side.

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Photo: Instagram/captainbrutus

Baby Kayden is obviously Brutus’s all-time favorite person, and he showed it from the very moment the baby came home from the hospital. He’s almost like a third parent to the tiny newborn. In fact, he is even willing to sacrifice some of his favorite things to make Kayden happy, just like a parent might.

Photo: Instagram/captainbrutus

Brutus has one particular toy, which the family nicknamed the “fluffball” and which Bonnie describes as “the only toy that he won’t tear apart in five minutes.” Brutus is extremely possessive of the toy and refuses to allow anyone to touch it. Anyone except baby Kayden, that is.

On one particular day when Kayden would not stop crying, Brutus picked up his fluffball and took it over to the baby. The Michaleks were in shock that the giant dog would allow even his favorite family member to touch the fluffball, but it worked. The baby stopped crying as if the ball had magical powers. Apparently Brutus agrees, because now he brings Kayden his fluffball whenever he cries.

Photo: Instagram/captainbrutus

This big doggie is just too sweet! We hope this is proof to anyone who thinks dogs can’t really be family. Sometimes a good dog is the best family you could ever ask for.

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