Scared Dog Dumped At Shelter To Be Euthanized After Being Bullied By Other Dog

Sherman was surrendered by his owners to a city shelter in Chicago for being bullied. His heartless previous owners signed a form allowing the shelter to euthanize Sherman. The gentle dog was just a victim of bullying by an unaltered male dog, but he was about to pay the ultimate price.

The 6-year-old Pit bull mix arrived with scars on his muzzle from previous attacks. Sherman’s previous owners did not seek training or help with the situation, but instead dumped the scared dog at the shelter. Sherman’s life was about to change for the better, thanks to a woman that was volunteering at the shelter the day he arrived.

Sarah Lauch, volunteer at Chicagoland Rescue Intervention & Support Program (CRISP), was helping out at the city shelter when Sherman was surrendered. CRISP helps to keep families together by offering help and assistance, but also saves dogs on death row at Chicago Animal Control. Lauch knew she needed to save the gentle soul. She arranged for the dog to be transferred to a foster home after the previous owners refused help.

“We offered neuters and training and the owner refused. The shelter talked the woman into signing the dog over for euthanasia and we fought to try to save him. The shelter director agreed and 10 days later, he was rescued,” Lauch told People.

Sherman was pulled from the city shelter and brought to a foster home where he was shown the love he deserved. He arrived with an extreme upper respiratory infection, which he received treatment for. He started to come out of his shell and sat in everyone’s lap, soaking up all the attention and affection. “I think he was so thankful for treats, food and some loving,” Lauch said.

The gentle boy is very friendly and loves children. Incredi-Bull Rescue posted, “Sherman is a laid back netflix watching companion with very good manners. He loves going for walks, happily greets strangers and new friends of all ages. ”

If you are interested in adopting Sherman, you can visit Incredi-Bull Rescue. Help him find a home for the holidays by sharing his story. “A shelter dog has so much love to give and will forever repay you for saving them.”

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