Two Bulldog Puppies Playing Will Make Your Day Fur Sure!

Get ready for some wrinkly cuteness that is impossible not to “Awwww” at! Two sweet, little Bulldog pups have the cutest play session and we get to watch it… as many times as we want! YAY!

What’s cuter than two puppies happily playing together? Um, NOTHING! And there’s just something about Bulldog pups, with all those wrinkles, that makes me weak in the knees! Watch as they gum at each other, nibble on one another’s ears and faces, and just have a sweet (wrinkly) ol’ time. But be warned, this much cuteness may lead to:

1. A better mood
2. Tons of smiles and “Awwww’s”
3. The desire to grab a pup nearby and hug it
4. And… the need to put this video on repeat

Seriously, this kind of playful, adorable, wrinkly cuteness may need to be watched in moderation. I’m about to have a heart attack and pass out!

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