A Bulldog Scheduled To Be Euthanized Gets The Medical Help She Needs. Just Wait ‘Til 1:56! Dr. Matt Is Hilarious!

Dr. Matt with Vet Ranch shows us that there are so many dogs worth helping. Annie was set to be euthanized at animal control but was rescued just in time! Her cherry eye and skin infections were addressed and she began to heal quickly. And then she got her very own forever home! YAY!!! My favorite part, though, is how Dr. Matt shows us how to surgically fix cherry eye (in his very special way). He is such a character. I am so happy Annie is doing great.

Bulldogs are gentle, lovable, and easy going goofballs that make wonderful pets (maybe that is why they are the 6th most popular breed in America!). Are you considering adding a bulldog like Annie to your family? You can search for bulldogs that are available for adoption in your area here! Adopt, don’t shop!

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