An Adorable Bulldog, With The Cutest Name, Finally Gets The Life She Deserves!

Schnitzel is living proof that there is NO SUCH THING as a broken dog. Animals have a resilience that is often beyond explanation (and for some, understanding). Maybe it’s because they love in such a unique way? Most often they forgive and move on, making their trauma a thing of the past. It’s the way to heal properly and I think many of us can learn a lesson from animals like Schnitzel.

Just saying her name makes me happy! I’m Austrian-American, In fact, on my father’s side, I’m the only generation that doesn’t speak fluent German. Hearing Schnitzel’s name makes me long for family time with my favorite people.

What is the cutest dog or cat name you’ve ever heard? Or any other pet. Some people get so creative and we LOVE hearing all about it. Share the names with us, comment below!

Not all animals who suffer find loving homes, like Schnitzel did. There are countless animals on the streets, in shelters, and in foster homes that can still use our help. Consider participating in a program like Bathe To Save. Animals who look (and smell) their best are way more likely to be adopted. With a donation of as little as $5, you can help an animal find his or her forever home. HIGH PAW!

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