Bulldog Confuses Owner’s Finger For A Chicken Nugget In Hilarious Video

Creating fun games to play with our pets can be rewarding and stimulating for everyone involved.

Things get even more interesting when there are treats involved, especially for food-motivated pets, like Pablo the bulldog.

The friendly pup’s owner wanted to find a way to play indoors with his dog and keep them both entertained, happy, and healthy. He also wanted to incorporate one of his dog’s favorite foods: chicken nuggets.

Photo: YouTube/Unsplash/Misael Moreno

With a little bit of craft and a whole lot of creativity, Pablo’s owner turned a cardboard box into a makeshift “oven” to cook the chicken nugget in. When he said “bing,” it signaled the nugget was done and Pablo could open the door to access the snack.

The only catch was that it might not be a chicken nugget in the oven at all. Instead, the man was switching out the nugget for his finger and the dog had to think fast to figure out which it was.

Photo: YouTube/BVIRAL
Photo: YouTube/BVIRAL

The man called the game “Chicken nugget or finger,” and the goal was to get Pablo to only eat the chicken nugget. Needless to say, Pablo didn’t do very well at the game and repeatedly mistook his owner’s finger for a nugget and attempted to chomp it!

Thankfully, no fingers were lost in the process of the game. Watch the video below:

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