Bulldog Learns To Shoot Tennis Balls Out Of His Mouth

Pet ownership isn’t all fun and games. You have to know, especially around strangers, how your pet might react or what tricks they’ve got up their sleeve.

Even the most well-behaved and intelligent dog enjoys a good prank or wind-up!

For one pet’s family, that balance just got a whole lot harder to keep — he’s learned how to shoot tennis balls out of his mouth!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Posted to Reddit’s r/aww community, a short video of an Old English Bulldog mix quickly spread across the site and onto other social media for its simple but amazing premise: the dog in the video takes a tennis ball into his mouth and, seemingly without any trouble, shoots it out of his mouth back at his owner.

He’s able to do it several times, too — it’s not just a fluke, but something he’s got the hang of. Not like any game of catch I’ve ever played!

"Does your Dog bite?" – "No but he learned how to use projectile weapons" from aww

“I adore your dog and would gladly take a ball to the head for the opportunity to play fetch with him,” one user commented under the post. Another added, “I have truly never seen or even heard of a dog doing this before. Legitimately hilarious.”

What makes this dog able to shoot the ball with such speed and accuracy? Unfortunately, here we enter the realm of speculation. This dog is an Old English Bulldog — perhaps the breed’s characteristic underbite makes it possible? We may never know for sure.

Photo: YouTube/Entertainer Guru

Fortunately, though, this pup has found the perfect family to play with since it looks like he’s got someone willing to play both parts of a game of fetch!

Watch more of this pup in action below:

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