Florida, Watch Out for This Dangerous Toad

Florida residents: beware! The recent rains in southwest Florida are bringing out the toxic Bufo toads. Also known as Cane Toads, Giant Toads, and Marine Toads, the populations of these invasive amphibians are growing and putting your pets at risk.

Dogs are especially susceptible to Bufo toads because the toad’s mating call attracts curious dogs.

Bufo toads secrete a milky white toxic substance from their shoulders as a defense mechanism, and a single lick can be very dangerous. If untreated, pets will always die.

Some of the symptoms of Bufo toad poisoning includes seizures, profuse salivation, and lack of coordination. If you suspect your pet mouthed, licked or ingested a toad, rinse the mouth out immediately and get your pet to its veterinarian right away.

To help protect your pet, it’s recommended you collect water and food dishes that remain outside. These toads are so fatal that dogs can be poisoned by drinking or eating out of containers the toads have sat in.

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