This Family Spent 2 Years Looking For Their Best Friend. Until One Day, They Walked Into Fate…

The Cromer family was heartbroken when their beloved dog, Buddy, went missing from their South Carolina home in the process of moving. For two years, they searched for their furry friend, but to no avail. Their little girls were absolutely devastated.

But sometimes, amazing things happen when we least expect it. April Cromer decided to stop in the Greenville County Animal Care Shelter one day just to look at the animals there. As fate would have it, there was Buddy, their pup who they have been searching for, for the last 24 months. She was completely shocked and couldn’t believe it.

Credit: ABC News
Credit: ABC News

She called his name, and Buddy recognized her immediately. He wagged his tail and started jumping, and probably felt so relieved that he was finally found. They are unsure of where Buddy was before he ended up at the shelter, but thank God he did.

Whether it was just a coincidence to be at the right place at the right time, or fate, it’s truly amazing how it happened! The family is so happy to have him back and plan on letting him cuddle in between them in their bed as a welcome back.

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