After Brutal Attack, Buddy The Cat Gets Adopted By Vet Who Saved Him

Many shelter pets have a sad backstory, but Buddy the cat has an especially heartbreaking tale.

The black cat arrived at the shelter after being brutally mauled by two dogs sicced on him by juvenile delinquents in Philidelphia. The cruel and unprovoked attack (which was also captured on film) left Buddy with horrific wounds that threatened his life.

BUDDY UPDATE:Last night, our sweet Buddy was sent to an emergency veterinary service to be closely monitored. He…

Posted by Pennsylvania SPCA on Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Buddy’s injuries were so severe nobody thought he’d make it at first, but the stray cat turned out to be a fighter. Despite everything that had happened, Buddy persevered and pulled through, earning thousands of fans in the process.

"Though he be but little, he is fierce."Buddy is still hanging in there. He remains in critical condition, but we are…

Posted by Pennsylvania SPCA on Thursday, March 24, 2022

“Buddy has touched so many lives,” Gillian Kocher, spokesperson for the Pennsylvania SPCA, told the Philidelphia Inquirer. “He has been cheered on from all corners of the globe, and he gave us all something we desperately needed — hope.”

Love for Buddy

No $5 Friday today. Just love for Buddy.Donate if you can. Send good thoughts if you want. And take solace in how many people across the country and globe are pulling for this sweet boy. He's making muffins this morning.

Posted by Pennsylvania SPCA on Friday, March 25, 2022

Buddy’s heartbreaking plight also inspired people to donate thousands of dollars to help pay for the cat’s medical care. The overwhelming response helped Buddy get the surgery he needed and allowed the shelter to create a special fund to help other abused animals.

Save. Every. Buddy.

Together, we can #SaveEveryBuddy.Today, Buddy is officially adopted. He is loved. He is home.Continue to follow his journey on instagram: @SaveEveryBuddy And, if you're still looking for Save Every Buddy merchandise:

Posted by Pennsylvania SPCA on Thursday, May 26, 2022

When Buddy was finally feeling better, the injured cat went home with Kate Venanzi, one of the veterinarians who helped save Buddy’s life. This was meant to be just a temporary arrangement, but the scrappy cat quickly became a “foster fail.”

Now Venanzi and her husband have decided to give Buddy a forever home where he’ll never be hurt again.

It is with the happiest of hearts that we bring you the Buddy update you’ve been waiting for – Buddy has officially been…

Posted by Pennsylvania SPCA on Thursday, May 26, 2022

“Today, Buddy spends his days basking in the sun on a windowsill or watching the world go by from the front screen door,” said Kocher, the shelter spokeswoman. “He has all the toys a cat could want, though his favorite seems to be an empty cardboard box for lounging. He is loved, and he is home.”

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