Farmers Help Bucks Stuck In A Barbed Wire Fence

Most people would probably keep a comfortable distance from a large buck and if there were two in the area, they might even give them more space. That isn’t the case, however, for some farmers who found two deer stuck together by their antlers in some barbed wire. They knew they had to do something.

They weren’t sure how long they had been stuck in the barbed wire fence but they knew that they were panicking. It seems as if they may have been fighting and got stuck in the fence at the same time.

Photo: Youtube / ViralHog

They knew the deer needed to be set free quickly so they formulated a plan. They didn’t go at it haphazardly. In fact, one of the men even can be heard saying “you gotta be careful”

Photo: Youtube / ViralHog

Awatere Valley, New Zealand is where these two farmers call home and as they approached the deer, the animals seemed to calm down. They waited until the proper moment arrived while they were on the ground and took a closer look.

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The men had large pliers and they tried to clip as much of the barbed wire as possible. One of them held the deer by the antlers to keep them from making matters worse.

Photo: Youtube / ViralHog

It seemed as if the deer knew that the men were trying to help so they remained calm for a little while. As the barbed wire got loose, however, the deer tried to bolt and almost hit one of the men. There was obviously some danger involved and these men were brave for even trying in the first place.

Photo: Youtube / ViralHog

The men were a little frightened by the deer but they continued to work hard. One of them even grabbed a piece of the wire with his hands so the other farmer could cut it.

One of the deer was finally released from the wire and he ran quickly.

Photo: Youtube / ViralHog

The other deer was still stuck in the wire and started to get panicky. It ran around and pulled back the wire even further onto its antlers.

When the deer got tired, one of the farmers thought it would be good to try it again. They had a rather physical encounter and the farmer was truly risking his life to free the animal.

Photo: Youtube / ViralHog

The buck ran away into the wild as soon as he was free. These men performed a very brave act.

When the footage was posted on Facebook, it went viral. People had a lot to say about what these farmers did.

Facebook via The DoDo

“Crazy, yes! Brave, yes! Good job guys. You probably save their lives. God Bless you for that.” Jeanie Richards commented.

Photo: Facebook via The DoDo

“Those men were so brave….omg..they could have been hurt themselves but were so determined to help these stressed animals… congrats on this great deed guys!” Karlene Frey added.

There is no doubt that these men saved the lives of two deer that day.

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