Pup’s Day Of Firsts Is Certainly Something To “Awww” About

Getting a new puppy is exhilarating! As they get to know you and form that paw-recious bond, so many firsts are happening. Their first night with you, their first run in the yard, their first fetch… the list goes on. Each milestone marks a memory and each memory puts a notch in your heart that will never fade.

This adorable pup is having his very first bubble bath. The cuteness is off the charts! And, he looks like he’s enjoying himself! Maybe this will be part of his new routine. Just look at that face!!! I’m so in love!


After his bath, while this pup is all spiffy and smelling great, his human decides it’s time for his first trip to the dog park. It seems, from the video, that he (and his bubble bath fragrance) has left quite the impression!


This Golden Retriever pup knows that life is all about learning new things and he’s quite the furry student. Can you watch this and not say “Awwww?” ME EITHER!

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