Because 20 Seconds Of Lil BUB Is Exactly What You Need Right MEOW!

A 20 second video of Lil BUB purrfection is exactly what I needed to beat my weekday blues. Those purrs, that smile. That adorable face! I honestly can say even though I never meant this cat in person, I am SO IN LOVE with her!

Lil BUB was found as a kitten in a tool shed in rural Indiana. She was the runt of the litter of local feral cats. It was obvious from the start that she would need special care but that only meant she was that much more special! I mean, look at that face! Listen to that purr! Isn’t she delicious?

This superstar is actually a superstar! She has co-authored books about special pets with special needs, she’s a radio co-host and has starred in her very own documentary that has helped the ASPCA raise over $300,000 for pets with special needs. Incredible, right? I LOVE THIS CAT!

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