Brave Police Dog Shot In The Line Of Duty Finally Reunites With His Partner

Back in 2014, Bruno, a German Shepherd police dog, was shot in the face and severely injured while pursuing a criminal. Despite bleeding profusely and having a shattered jaw, he went right back to his handler’s side. Unsure if he’d survive, an emergency crew rushed Bruno to the animal hospital for surgery, and thankfully, the outcome was a positive one!

His road to recovery was a long and arduous one, but Bruno proved to be extremely brave and unbelievably resilient. He didn’t let this hardship get him down. After this long journey, Bruno was finally reunited with his owner, Officer R.J. Young. Watch their heartwarming reactions in the video below. Bruno cries with excitement when he finally sees his human. You can tell that these two are the best of friends with an inseparable bond!


Two years later, Bruno has sadly passed away from continuous complications. Officer Young’s last wish for his partner and best friend, was to spend his final moments in an Anaheim K-9 patrol car. Officer Young, along with his fellow members of the Anaheim Police Department’s K-9 unit, lifted Bruno from a gurney in Yorba Regional Animal Hospital, and placed him inside the squad car one last time.

“The vet gave him the shot. He looked up and took his final breath,” said Cheryl Timmons, president of the nonprofit Friends of Anaheim Police K-9 Association. “They then draped an American flag over the body.”

Bruno’s passing is a heartbreaking one, but in his 12 years, Bruno has touched and inspired people all over the world. He will never be forgotten!

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