14-Year-Old Cat in UK Just Broke Record For Loudest Purr

Bella, a 14-year-old moggie cat from Huntingdon, UK, has earned the Guinness World Records for the loudest purring domestic cat (living).

She has a big voice, and she is not afraid to use it.

Screenshot: YouTube/Guinness World Records

Her mom, Nicole Spink, told Guinness World Records, “She purrs all day long! If there’s food around, or cuddles, she always purrs. Also when watching TV – she likes to be loud with television.”

Wherever she goes she purrs, even at the vet.

Screenshot: YouTube/Guinness World Records

Nicole said she always thought her sweet feline had a loud purr and her friends agreed. “Friends and family always notice Bella’s loud purr, everyone comments ‘what’s that loud noise? Oh, it’s the cat’. It’s just Bella being happy!”

One day, Nicole and her daughter were paging through a Guinness World Records book when they decided to test how loud Bella’s purr was on an app, which confirmed it was louder than the average cat’s purr.

That started the ball in motion which led to sound engineers arriving at their home to officially test Bella’s purr. Nicole was worried Bella would not perform. “She’s a stubborn little old lady and she does how she pleases. It is very much Queen Bella’s world.”

Screenshot: YouTube/Guinness World Records

Bella loves two things, besides her family, and those are food and naps. Nicole gave Bella her favorite food and within no time she was a purring machine.

Her loud purr measured at 54.59 decibels breaking the record for loudest purr for a living cat. Her family was thrilled, but it was just another day for Bella.

Screenshot: YouTube/Guinness World Records

The plaque will be hung with pride in their home and Nicole joked, “I think the record certificate is going to have a very prominent place in the house. We’ll need to decide which kid’s photos to take down first…”

Screenshot: YouTube/Guinness World Records

There are two British cats, Smokey and Merlin, who has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge but still share the title for the loudest purr by a domestic cat with a purr at a deafening 67.8 decibels.

Take a listen to Bella’s purr in the video below and don’t forget to share!

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