Why “Best In Show” Actually Means “Worst For Dogs.”


(Breeding stock for show dogs are seen as a “commodity,” not an animal)

3. For every “perfect” dog, dozens are discarded and killed for not making the cut.

One of the most horrific stories of animal cruelty and abuse you will ever see came from a breeder who, 8 days before being raided and closed by law enforcement for animal cruelty, was given a passing grade in a report to the American Kennel Club. The AKC periodically inspects all breeders that are associated with AKC programs and events. Dogs that do not come from their list of accepted breeders can’t compete in shows like the Westminster Dog Show. However, the AKC looks more at the purity of animals being breed, with complete dismissal of the actual health and wellbeing of the animals. There are countless examples of animal abuse within the AKC’s collection of breeders, and it keeps getting worse.


4. Dog breeding encourages the rise of puppy mills.

Not only are examples of mills like the one listed above becoming more commonplace, but the AKC has, over just the last 5 years, opposed 80 bills on the state and federal level that would have stopped puppy mills, or at the very least, raised the standard of care given to animals being used for breeding. Some bills, such as those purposed in West Virginia, Iowa, and Ohio, would require mills comply with certain care standards, such as regular cleaning, feeding, and space requirements, something that the AKC sees as “onerous” to breeders. Other bills the AKC has helped stop have nothing to do with breeding at all, such as a bill from Tennessee that would prevent dogs from being left in hot cars for more than an hour, which the AKC considered “unwarranted.” Nothing speaks to the danger that these animals face more than an organization built around animals supporting the continued abuse and neglect of the creatures they claim to adore and celebrate.

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